Saved in spite of ourselves


“Salvation is in spite of us, not because of us. That is why I think the final heresy I suppose is Justification by works; there is nothing which is so unchristian as to believe that God blesses you because you are such a good person…. If there is anybody listening to me at this moment who thinks he or she is a Christian because you’re such a good person. And you’re looking forward for God to bless you because you are so good, and do so much good and because you have never done anybody any harm, if so, I have just to tell you before you go any further you are about as far removed from being a christian as anybody can be. There is infinitely greater hope for the most hopeless drunkard and prostitute than for you…. We are saved in spite of ourselves!”

-Martyn Lloyd-Jones (Sermon: God’s World, exposition of John Chapter 1)

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