“election”by Shai Linne ft Willie Will

Greetings everyone, here is another post on the Rap song series. This time we’ll be looking at the song “Election” from Shai Linne’s album; Lyrical Theology. This is such a great song explaining the doctrine of election.  In a time when a majority despise and/or reject this blessed Truth and label it as phony doctrine, this song is a great beacon in the darkness. Especially for the hip/hop and youth communities.

I’ve heard a huge number of analogies describing our condition before and after salvation. The most frequent of which is the sinking in the middle of the ocean before God throws me a life raft. I then have the choice to decide whether I’d like to be saved or not. This is such a common view of how a person is saved. It was only later that I found out that is just semi-pelagian teaching. A heresy that’s been lurking around the church for centuries.

In terms of salvation there are 3 main views; Augustinian, semi-pelagianism and pelagianism. The first says that we were dead in our trespasses, unable to do any good, unable to respond. But God through His sovereign Will, sought us and brought us to life. We have no say in our election. All is grace. A gift. Nothing merited to us. But all credit and therefore glory goes to God. The second, says that men must cooperate with God to fulfill his salvation, and that they can choose to be saved or not. Part of the glory belongs to man, for his merits and effort in keeping his salvation. The last and most dangerous heresy, says that man can saves himself apart from Grace and apart from God. In this view, man takes all the glory, and God is merely a spectator.

More and more the latter 2 views are becoming prominent in the church. But we must hold on to the Truth that we are saved by grace through faith not as a result of our works so that no one may boast. [Eph 2:8]All glory belong to God. It is all done not by the will of man, but the will of God [Eph 2:9; John 1:12-13]. God saves and changes a man. God sanctifies him and keeps his soul till the end. [Jude 1:24-25]. No Christian will ever fall away or lose his salvation. [psalm 16:9-10; 1 John 2:19] If a person after 50 years being a devout Christian suddenly decided to abandon the faith, the bible says, he had never been a Christian at all. Such deception of the heart, is the reason why the bible tells us to examine ourselves whether we are in the faith.

Now back to the song. It’s great to have this song speak on the timeless verities of our faith. That God is the author and perfect or of our faith. We are a book incapable of writing our own story, let alone start it. May we remember that we are elected by grace and praise God and glorify Him for His grace and mercy. Soli Deo Gloria!


(Willie Will)
Peep it son, no need to run from the truth
We need to come to understand Ephesians 1
We see in love the Father predestined
We seem to have a problem with the doctrine of election
We keep stressin’ and leave guessin’ leadin’ to depression
Because it’s God’s love we question
Well sit back and take a deep breath in
And exhale, let’s set sail, the word of God is refreshin’
Let’s be real with it, the Bible obviously talks
about predestination so we gotta deal with it
I’ll be a fake attorney by His grace and mercy
And present my case so let’s take a journey for the sake of learning
First turn to Romans 8:28-30
Zoomin’ in on verse 29, read the first line
“Those whom He foreknew He also predestined to be conformed to
the image of His Son”- Exhibit #1
People try to use an argument lacking common sense
Concerning the foreknowledge of God thinking the logic fits
Dudes are saying He looked out into the future ages
With illumination seeing all that would choose salvation
And those men were chosen by God because they chose Him
But that’s not what the passage has spoken
It says those He foreknew He predestined
If he foreknew everybody, is everybody predestined?
Is everyone His object of affection?
If so, then what’s the point of the doctrine of election?
It’s spiritual but let me make it plain so u see the miracle
And praise His Name instead of taking His grace in vain
It isn’t complicated, we all evaded the God that made us
And traded in His truth for a lie
Worshiping what God created more than God who is glorified
Corroborated our death, our lives are an abomination
But if the Father’s aim is to bestow mercy
Then it’s not to say that He was obligated but that God is gracious
As God’s enemies we deserve to be crushed
We’re dirty enough to be eternally cursed and turned into dust
And if he did it He would be perfectly just to murder me but
He decided to show mercy to us
I didn’t choose God, God chose me
Gave me a new heart and it wasn’t because I was holy
But if I chose G-O-D then God owes me, the only reason
I first walked thru them church doors is
Psalm 65 verse 4, why do I know God?
Matthew 11:27 says it best and
Those that have been predestined keep pressin’
It’s a deep message, I only see blessin’ in election
’ma see the blessin’, yo it’s not even a question
How God in His perfection wrote the doctrine of election

(shai linne)
God in His perfection wrote the doctrine of election
Cause He’s sovereign, there’s no question and that got some people stressin’
But no option but election can account for our protection
Godly direction or perfected bodily resurrection, yo!
Don’t let the thinking of modern men fool ya
God does what He wants- that’s what it means to be Sovereign Ruler
It’s deep but not complicated- with complete confidence I’ll state it:
Peep it- it’s how God has always operated
He’s the greatest, fam- His amazing plan made His hand
Save the man Abraham from a pagan land
Who can argue with the people that God chooses?
Israel and not Egypt, Peter and not Judas
Humanly speaking, it should have been Saul and not David
The inheritance should have been Esau’s and not Jacob’s
The truth it speaks brightly so you can see rightly
A huge, mighty God who chooses the least likely
Still some contest it as a phony doctrine
But if we’re really dead in sin, predestination is the only option
With reservations they fume inside
There’s hesitation because it’s devastating to human pride
This truth is the sober kind that you’re prone to find
In passages like Romans 9- it’s so divine it’ll blow your mind
We are the clay and we’ve been formed by the Potter
None can come to the Son unless they’re drawn by the Father
“But God draws everybody” That’s what some cats say
It can’t be that way because all who are drawn are raised on the last day
Because of original sin and all of our despicable deadness within
Election must be unconditional then
Some people say that we were drowning in the ocean
Barely floating until God threw us the rope then
Our free will helped us as we groped
Our faith is the hand that grabbed the rope and God put us back in the boat
Nope! Without apology I deny that analogy
Reality- we were dead at the bottom of the sea
I was a swollen corpse with hope no more
Until Jehovah the LORD dove from the shore to the ocean floor
Yeah, I was a corpse and I smelled like it
I’ll keep it simple, why did God choose me? Because He felt like it!
He brought me out, not an act of my volition
Breathed life into my lungs and didn’t ask for my permission
Throughout the Bible there’s major examples of this
Pages of passages like the raising of Lazarus
Rather than debating the Master’s gift
We should be happily praising His magnanimous saving of savages
It’s time we see God’s sovereignty and His primacy
His holy dynasty running things by divine decree
Why does He choose some and not others to see Jesus?
Our God is in the heavens- He does whatever He pleases!