Weekly Scoop (22/06)

Hi Everybody, this week I’ve put in a lot of links from Albert Mohler. The president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in the US of A. I frequently visit his website to hear him talk about the latest news and controversies from a Christian world view. His blog is top notch as well. Hope you enjoy the readings.

“So Peter Opened His Mouth” – The Preacher’s Calling Reduced to Five Powerful Words
This is such a great reminder for us to open our mouths. The message we have and the responsibility is so simple in design, but such an arduous task to accomplish.

From Father to Son – J.R.R. Tolkien on Sex
A really great post on Tolkien’s letters to his children. With the main topic being manhood, marriage and sex. “In 1941, Tolkien wrote a masterful letter to his son Michael, dealing with marriage and the realities of human sexuality. The letter reflects Tolkien’s Christian worldview and his deep love for his sons, and at the same time, also acknowledges the powerful dangers inherent in unbridled sexuality.”

Moralism is not the Gospel
This insidious false gospel is everywhere. It diminishes God’s Word to a codebook and makes man trust in his own strength and performance. We are saved by Grace through faith alone. For we are “justified by faith in Christ and not by the works of the Law; since by the works of the Law no flesh will be justified.” [Gal. 2:16]

Expository preaching
“Traditional norms of worship are now subordinated to a demand for relevance and creativity. A media-driven culture of images has replaced the word-centered culture that gave birth to the Reformation churches. In some sense, the image-driven culture of modern evangelicalism is an embrace of the very practices rejected by the Reformers in their quest for true biblical worship.”

Pornolescence is that period where a person feels the guilt of his sin[pornography in this context], but still enjoys it too much to give it up. Tim Challies really nails the need of the church for men and women to put this sin to death and to walk in a manner worth of God; for the sake of Christ’s Church, and out of love for Christ’s Church.

“Visit many good books, but live in the Bible” – C.H. Spurgeon

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