The Gospel Poem

Man is like a breath; his days are like a passing shadow.
He will soon be forgotten, like the flowers in the meadow.

There is nothing in this life, that we will take when we die.
save for all the deeds that we have done in His eyes.

Will we stand boldly when we are judged? Will we smile before our King?
Or will we shudder and panic, and scream “I never expected such a thing!”?

We’re all transgressors both you and I.
We have committed treason before His eyes.

And He is Righteous and Just, this Awesome King,
He will not be satisfied with anything you bring.

All our works and merit are stained in his sight,
and we all know that that is true deep inside.

Some of us see it as bright as day,
The evil in all that we do or say.

Though some may hide it and feign their ignorance.
God’s eyes sees through their blatant arrogance.

We think we can hide from His all seeing eyes,
But He knows when we sleep and when we rise.

We are all hopeless, and we should all be scared.
Of the righteous judgement that this King has prepared.

But He is rich in Mercy and He is Kind,
and he has provided a way for all mankind.

He sent His son, Born of the virgin Mary.
To take up the Cross that we could not carry.

Filled with the Holy Spirit, He lived the perfect life.
To give us something that we did not want; eternal life.

He pleaded us to repent and come back to God.
But we scorned Him and beat Him; the Son of God.

And on that Day, that God has ordained.
when the Salvation for man was to be proclaimed.

His Son was nailed on the Cross to die,
“It is finished” they heard Him cry.

“Surely you are finished.” They mocked him there.
and at that moment the curtains tear.

The holy of holies was open to all,
For those who would later heed His Call.

The moon turned red and the earth shook where they stood.
“Truly this was the Son of God!” they said, having finally understood.

They laid Him to rest inside the grave,
but on the third day God had Him raised!

The atonement for man has been fully accepted,
for all those who has been predestined and elected.

The full atonement was granted to all of us,
because of His Son, not because of any of us.

Why did He do it? you might very well ask.
Well it was because of Love that He took up the task.

In regards of our treason only He alone,
can make a way for our transgressions to atone.

Why would He love a person like me? wicked was I towards He.
It was because He Loved you too much, that He cannot leave you be.

Towards Hell was your path. Eternal destruction was your fate.
But He loved you too much to let you pass that gate!

“How do I receive this great salvation? I want to live.”
Simply repent and believe in Jesus and His Cross, and you can breathe a sigh of relief.

You have been saved through faith and you are now family.
and between you and God there is no more enmity.

He will change your heart and create them anew.
and you will love and do the things that has God prepared for you.

You will change and become light, and the world will see.
That the King of Kings have came down and rescued thee.

And as you walk this earth, do not forget to proclaim,
the salvation you received from the Lamb that was slain.

Though there will be many trials and suffering as you walk with the Lord.
Remember that at the end there is a great reward.

The suffering you receive must never be compared,
with all the things in heaven that God has prepared.

So give all your strength, and endure your very best.
Until you hear God say in heaven “Enter my servant. Into thy rest.”

To all my friends who know not God, I bid you all to seek,
Our blessed saviour, Jesus Christ, who is humble and meek.

He will help you through this impossible task,
of living the Christian life, all you need is ask.

His Grace will carry you from death to life,
and guide you always until you fully attain eternal life.

And when you stand before our King, you need not be afraid.
because you will find all your debt, had already been paid.

It had been nailed to the Cross with Christ when you believed.
and you can stand boldly when into His presence you are received.

You will be washed by the Blood of the Lamb, just so you know.
And the stain that was crimson will be as white as snow.

You will be with all His saints worshipping the King renown,
and you will cast away, with all the saints, your golden crown.

What a sight to behold is there in heaven.
Let’s meet there too my friends, let’s meet up in heaven.

Soli Deo Gloria
Andrew sunarko

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